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our mission

We founded techlab to provide students with real-world exposure to programming and technology.

our classes are hands-on and project-based,

where students constantly apply what they learn toward direct and practical applications.

Workshops are short classes for practical programming and hands-on learning.

We typically meet once or twice a week.

You can view the workshop schedule, or enroll online by creating an account.

They're 2 - 3 hours long, in small groups of six to twelve students.

Or email us to set up a meeting to join in person.

Our students have made some pretty amazing things.

student perks

email support

We're here to help with any and all questions with the material we cover in classes.

great resources

We use fast computers, industry-standard tools, and the latest technology.

take-home ideas

Our classes are designed to give students a project or concept to continue working on at home.

tools for projects

We'd love to help you get started working on your idea.

See why we're the most advanced summer camp in Silicon Valley.

This summer, we'll be having Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Android, iOS and Cocoa, Arduino, Internet of Things, web development and more.



Keshav Saharia, Founder
Keshav is a software developer and educator who specialized in natural language processing and graph theory. In the valley, he works at startups - previously, he worked at startups through Google Ventures, at Wolfram Research as a kernel developer for Mathematica, and at Wolfram Alpha building semantic retrieval systems. He majored in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and started TechLab Education to provide real-world experience to students interested in software and hardware technology. Keshav writes about his personal endeavors at